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Sunday, November 9


Do you remember early 2001 when Bush couldn't say it enough times, "We inherited a recession from the previous administration"? He couldn't say that we were in a recession enough. I remember thinking that he would bring one on with all the talk about recession.

Now you can't even get the WH to say that we are in a recession even though we most certainly are in a recession.

I hope that Obama remembers to tell Americans during his first months in office that the recession is something he inherited from the previous administration.


In other news, the conservatives are planning to use Newt Gingrich as their spokesmodel and hero for their agenda. I suppose that they don't remember how much his presence at Bob Dole's side in the 90's hurt his chances for election. Novakula calls him the "Moses" of teh conservative movement. Fine. Whatever. I remember clearly thinking years ago that Gingrich's contract for America was something that would set us back 500 years. I don't think American's are interested in something like that. We voted for change and we want it.

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