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Sunday, November 9

The Party is Over

No, not the celebration party.
The Party I am talking about is the "looting of the treasury party", the "Wall Street orgy", the government handout party to Haliburton, Blackwater, the HMOs, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the religious right, Exxon-Mobile and all the Oil Magnates.
The party of the "haves and the have mores" whom Bush called his base.
Above all the Grand Old Party is over. Besides the turmoil, the dissension, the infighting and the "jumping of the ship" trends, the GOP has lost all the demographics of this electorate. "The Math" as Karl Rove was talking about doesn't add up. "Be careful what you wish for" has come true. Karl Rove was talking about delivering a one party majority for the next fifty years to come. I think he succeeded; not the intended Party, but the opposite one.
Now, there are conservative pundits who claim that this country is center-right, but the electoral Map says otherwise.
Here is a Map published by The New York Times, election results county by county:

I would call this CRMA (Center-Right My Ass) You cannot stop progress. Progress can have temporary setbacks, missteps or timely halts, but all those make Progress a greater force on the march into the future. It is the law that governs the Universe.

How weird is that Polls work after all. The MSM has bought into the idea that Polls don't work in these modern times, because people are dishonest with the pollsters. It's so not true. It worked in all the election cycles before and after Karl Rove. Does that make one think, what happened in the last two election cycles when polls did not reflect the final results?

And last, if a friend, family member or acquaintance tells you that they voted for McCain, ask them: "how does it feel to be a loser?"

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