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Monday, November 3

Just wondering

Obama holds an outstanding lead in the polls and a high popularity rating. The polls could be wrong though and McCain could win thanks to voter manipulation and/or voter stupidity once again.

How nervous are you that we could be in for another 4 years of failed bush policies via a McCain administration? Would Obama concede before all the votes are counted like Democratic winners before him? What will become of Joe LIEberman? Will he fade away like Frist, Delay, Hastert, et al?

What's up with Joe the f*cking plumber being the spokesperson for that campaign? Do you think Americans anywhere buy that nonsense spewed forth by him? Who's more terrifying: Joe the Plumber, Joe Sixpack or Sarah Palin?

Do you think that the conspiracy theorists are relieved that the elections will most likely be held tomorrow after all or are they still thinking the worst with one day left?

How are you feeling on this last day before the big day?

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