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Saturday, November 8

Hunting Season? Americans are Up in arms

Obama's Election Sparks Gun Sales
While shoppers are cutting back on almost everything, sales of one item are suddenly soaring -- guns. Buyers across the country are snapping up firearms at a record pace

At 9 a.m. today, the counter was already crowded at Cheaper Than Dirt, a discount gun and ammunition store in Fort Worth, Texas.

"Everyone is here for the same reason: Buy it now or you're not going to have a chance in the future," said Charlie Street, a gun owner.

At Cheaper Than Dirt alone, more than $100,000 in guns and ammunition have been sold every day since Election Day. Buyers are stocking up before President-elect Barack Obama takes office.
Is the Secret Service taking note of this?

"Election Day, people wake up and say, 'Obama, oh my!'" said Dewayne Irwin, owner of Cheaper Than Dirt. "It's the knee-jerk reaction but it's good for business."

Business is so good that Irwin spent the morning furiously calling suppliers to find more guns.

"You can't find an AK-47 from a distributor anywhere in the nation," Irwin said, looking at his computer and checking on inventory.
AK-47's? Who knew American peni were so short?

Sales are brisk across the West. Background checks for new gun owners jumped 15 percent last month, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation data.

Colorado just set a record for the highest number of background checks for new gun owners, nearly 1,500 in a single day, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Obama says he supports the right to bear arms with reasonable restrictions. But that has not been enough reassurance for some people or enough to quell the spreading fear among gun owners..
Good Lord, and people thought that the lefties were paranoid of the government. Turns out that the NRA urged people to go out and buy guns when Obama was elected. The reason assault weapons are so popular is because Obama has talked about renewing the expired federal ban on them... or so they say that's the reason. Gawd forbid you come face to face with a wild deer in your backyard.

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