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Sunday, October 12

When Rednecks Fly

In an recent thread, Jerseycynic posted this link:
If history is guide, path to White House is through Missouri posted then asked this question: "MoMule - how's it looking in MO??"

I'm not seeing it so much here in East Jaysus where the McSame/Pain signs dot every other lawn or farm (with the exception of my own and few other sinners) but apparently it's happening, or so says Yahoo news.
'Rednecks for Obama' want to bridge yawning culture gap

I ain't buying it. Suffering dose strange things to sheep. I've seen it up front and center. They'll take up with anyone. The fine folks from Missouri are just so thrilled that they aren't being totally ignored (as they were by John Kerry and the baby yuppies he sent their way in the 2004 election) that the poor dears actually think Obama is gonna save'em. And to Obama's merit, his handlers know this, and have made a concentrated effort to make a show here in the great Show-Me-State.

But to answer JC's question: Yes, the tide is turning. Unfortunately, it has taken a tidal wave.

Oh, and for record: Any redneck worth his or her weight knows that their Doublewides don't appreciate in value. Well, at least those of us that made it to ninth grade do.

We do, however, date our cousins if they have cable.

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