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Tuesday, October 7

Uh, who's the terrorist sympathizer, John McCain?

The McPalin's are going around accusing Obama of cavorting with "terrorists." This of course fuels the racists (and there are still lots of them out there because I just found out that I know them) so they know full well what they are doing. William Ayers is the "terrorist" in question. Now if he were such a threat to the security of the United States of America, wouldn't he still be in prison? He's a college professor today (I know that's a code word for "terrorist" to ignorant conservatives).

From the Morning News:
Obama and Ayers first became associated when Ayers, who is now an education professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago, helped win a $50 million grant from philanthropist Walter H. Annenberg, and Obama was asked by a third party to help determine how the money should be distributed. If, as Sarah Palin says, Bill Ayers is still a terrorist bent on destroying America then the Annenberg Foundation is guilty of funneling tens of millions of dollars to known terrorists.

Now that Palin’s running mate is aware of these facts, John McCain cannot be satisfied with merely using them to attack Barack Obama’s character. As a United States senator, it is his duty to call for an immediate investigation of the Annenberg Foundation. Their assets should be frozen, their trustees tried for treason, and all other organizations funded with Annenberg money should be considered potential terrorist organizations. A partial list of these include:

  1. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia
  2. The University of Notre Dame
  3. The Betty Ford Center
  4. Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Los Angeles
  5. Boy Scouts of America
  6. The Boys and Girls Club
  7. Chess In the Schools, Inc.
  8. Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
  9. Home of the Merciful Savior for Crippled Children
  10. Jazz at Lincoln Center
  11. Little League Baseball
  12. Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
  13. Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation
  14. Naval War College Foundation
  15. Oregon School for the Deaf
  16. Painted Turtle Gang Camp Foundation
  17. Reading Is Fundamental
  18. Sesame Workshop
  19. The Carter Center
  20. United Negro College Fund
  21. McSweeney’s

The AP has this story out today in all fairness McCain linked to private group in Iran-Contra case

WASHINGTON - GOP presidential nominee John McCain has past connections to a private group that supplied aid to guerrillas seeking to overthrow the leftist government of Nicaragua in the Iran-Contra affair.

The U.S. Council for World Freedom was part of an international organization linked to former Nazi collaborators and ultra-right-wing death squads in Central America. The group was dedicated to stamping out communism around the globe.

Who's the terrorist sympathizer, John McCain?

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