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Saturday, October 11

Trying to enjoy the season under adverse conditions

With the shit hitting the fan on a daily basis, I wonder how many of us have taken the time to enjoy the lovely autumn and decorate our homes accordingly.

Have I mentioned that I detest Sarah Palin? Well I took that energy and hung my autumnal wreath on the front door yesterday and put out 2 pumpkins. Then I stabbed the obligatory scarecrow guy into the ground by the side of the garage and arranged a couple of corn stalks. I haven't bought that colorful corn to hang on the house yet, but I probably will. But then again, maybe I won't. The maple trees on my front lawn are turning yellow and red. The leaves are beginning to fall allowing a lot more light to come through, but the peak here doesn't come until after Halloween... I just happen to have trees that turn early, so nature takes care of a lot of my Halloween decorating.

What do you like about autumn and how do you decorate?

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