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Thursday, October 9

Today's Letter to the media

Dear (News Media)

This is an important story that I am not seeing on the news. You could have a field day bringing legislators and psychologists on the news to talk about it. Your ratings would soar. Women would tune in. Think of all the new sponsors!

When Sara Palin was mayor of Wasilla, the police department charged rape victims for rape kits. They didn't want to burden the tax payers for these kits according to the sheriff. It was not until House Bill 270* passed that Wasilla was forced to abide by the state and stop charging victims for forensic testing. Let it be noted that Alaska has the highest rate of rape in the country. (wow, there's another story that should be looked into.)

Questions you should be asking:
As mayor, Sara Palin signed off the budget that cut spending on rape kits. Did she even read it? Wasn't she aware of what her sheriff told the newspaper in 2000? What kind of town was she running?

According the the news story, rape kits cost from $300 to $1,200 apiece.
So just how many rapes were there in tiny Wasilla that rape kit expenditures were a burden to residents? Were residents aware of this policy? How many women dropped rape charges because they didn't have insurance or the money to pay for the sexual assault investigation? What other kinds of crime was the sheriff's department charging victims for?

*From USA Today: The Senate version of the legislation that included the rape-exam provision was sponsored by Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, the Democratic vice presidential nominee. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama was one of 58 co-sponsors; Republican presidential nominee John McCain was not.

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