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Thursday, October 2

Time for your October surprise?

Mailmen might deliver meds in next anthrax attack

WASHINGTON (AP) -- If there ever is another anthrax attack, the letter carrier may deliver your antibiotics. Federal health officials are beginning a project in Minneapolis-St. Paul to let letter carriers stockpile a personal supply of emergency antibiotics so they are protected and ready to deliver aid to the rest of the city at a moment's notice.


But could letter carriers successfully deliver medications to a great number of homes during an emergency, when the carriers might be mobbed? Would they be willing?

To address the first issue, test projects in Seattle, Philadelphia and Boston over the past two years paired letter carriers with police officers on holidays. Carriers volunteered to do double routes, delivering empty pill bottles along with a "This is a Test" flier explaining what was happening. In Philadelphia, 50 carriers reached about 53,000 households in eight hours, Raub said.
What on earth are the bad guys planning? Next anthrax attack? How will this make me want to vote for John McCain? 

I suppose that as long as there are liberals, there will be anthrax attacks.

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