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Thursday, October 9

This was found on the back seat of a deuce and a half at a local Wal-Mart:

The Third Division Headquarters NorthEast of the newly formed People’s Protectorate of the Imperial American Empire!
Todd Palin, OIC.

Colonel O. North, commanding officer;
Date:10 October, 2008

Command personnel:

Operational contingencies for:
The putsch!

The reason we haven’t been seeing or hearing too much from Overlord W is his inner conflict with Deagol over the impending Declaration of Martial Law. Part of him (maybe 2%) is against this but is the other 98% understands the need and he can’t appear to be out of control. The decision normally would be a no brainer for him but he’s afraid to give away the plot too soon and start a panic.

Operational activation has to come not too soon but just about a week before the election for optimum results. I need not remind you of the secrecy involved in this.

Potential excuses and consequences being considered by the Administration for Military actions.
  • • The Dow is being held intentionally low to make things look worse; to provide an impetus for execution.
  • • We will be threatened by China or Russia or… Freedonia, and that could provide additional impetus.
  • • Certain businesses will be made to fail...
  • • Television Programs, in particular, soap operas. Millions of women (and some men) will cry out despairingly for relief! We can then safely take command of the Networks.
  • • But most promising will be canceling Football... as it presents the possibility for terroristic attacks on the populace. Men will gladly allow the Military to watch over the games, search them, confiscate their beer and foam fingers (could hide box cutters)! Brigades of military will be needed at each city that had Professional Football.
  • • College sports will be discontinued except for male cheerleaders.
  • • NASCAR racing will be stopped. There’s too much chance of terrorists getting hi-octane fuel or using Stock Cars for suicide missions into fast food restaurants.
  • • Rodeos and circuses will have to be canceled to conserve potential food.
  • • Routinely, malcontents, oppositionists, the poor and homeless, those who owe any money to businesses and especially registered Democrats, known liberals and Libertarians will be rounded up and placed in camps for their own safety.
  • • Strict curfew from Dusk to Dawn will be enforced, with lethal consequences for violators.
  • • Major ops into the woods and forests will be carried out to retrieve and make sure those attempting to hide are not terrorists.
  • • Subcutaneous Electronic Identification will be required of all people.
  • • Travel will be restricted; prior approval will be required.
  • • Motor vehicle use will be restricted to State work related business or specific Churches only.
  • • Parks, theaters, and any other public places will be closed for the immediate time to curtail the possibility of terrorist gatherings.
  • • Proof of citizenship must be carried at all times.
  • • Weekly reports of any activity of all priso- citizens must be provided to the local military command center.
  • • Food will be rationed on a selective basis; Republicans first, collaborators (ages 21 to 40) second, those under 12 third, seniors fourth, overweight fifth. All others will have meals provided at camps.
  • • Electric use will be limited to certain daylight hours.
  • • The intertubes will be flushed and plugged.
  • • Any personal communications devices will be confiscated and cell phone towers will be destroyed to prevent terrorists from using them.
  • • Mail will be forwarded to local NSA offices then inspected for anything subversive.
  • • The CIA will actively take over distribution of illegal drugs.
  • • Each school will have one bible for each classroom for (required) education. All other books will be confiscated as potential terrorism devices.
  • • Students will wear special uniforms (probably brown) to signify allegiance to the new flag.
  • • Libraries will be purged, (books rendered unreadable) then closed to prevent any knowledge that might be useful to terrorists.
  • • Congregation by more than two people at any one public spot will result in detention and removal to a safe camp.
  • • Personal weapons will be temporarily confiscated (to be returned once the threat has been neutralized) to safe storage facilities. Violators will be considered terrorists and shot on sight.
  • • The remainder of the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be temporarily un-operational. Those professing to be loyal to it will be considered unpatriotic and detained as potential terrorists.
There will be more instructions to follow. See your command center for more details.

Have a nice day and may God Bless our Imperial America.


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