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Tuesday, October 7

Strange Fruit

Sit Down, Boy!

That’s the epithet one Sarah Palin follower hurled at an African American sound man during her Florida rally yesterday. According to Dana Milbank of the Washington Post – thousands turned on reporters, shouting obscenities – and at Palin’s urging no less. She had just finished blaming Katie Couric for her own disastrous interview, telling everyone the “mainstream media” were ‘out to get her’ (and by inference every other ‘red-blooded ‘murican’). She punctuated this with her patented series of nods and winks – ‘doncha know!’ So of course the mob surrounding her did what mobs usually do when riled – they turned on the intended target.

I wish that was the sum total of Palin’s transgressions – but she went farther than that, I’m afraid. After one of the toadies introducing her by called the Democratic nominee by his middle name (Hussein) – Palin then called him a terrorist; prompting one genius in the crowd to shout: “Kill him!” And where was McCain in all this? (Liz touches on this down below). Saying the same kinds of things in New Mexico. Addressing a predominately white crowd (all Palin/McCain crowds are predominately white) he asked, “Who is Barrack Obama?” The answer? “A terrorist!” At which point McCain smiled.

And that’s where we are. America has retreated to lynch mob mentality. It’s the 1930’s, and Billie Holiday has just released “Strange Fruit”. I feel rather like Alice gone down the rabbit hole, to be frank. I can hardly believe we’ve dropped back 70 years. I blame Bush for this. That man desensitized the American public; inured them to thoughts of violence and torture – made being a thug part and parcel of ‘the American way’. He told us to be afraid of people with dark skins and ‘funny’ names – to not trust them, no matter where they come from. So we are now, for the most part, a Republican construct.

I hardly recognize us – do you?

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