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Tuesday, October 7

Question of the Day:

Is all the hatred, ugliness, vituperation, acrimony, and recrimination that is being hurled from all sides in the current presidential election season merely smoke & mirrors to hide the fact that the Earth is falling into a world-wide economic depression?

Current Headlines from Bloomberg:
•MetLife Scraps Earnings Forecast After Profit Falls; Plans Sale of Shares

•U.S. Stocks Tumble; S&P, Dow Average Post Worst Annual Retreat Since 1937

•Commonwealth Bank to Buy HBOS Australian Unit BankWest for $1.5 Billion

•Bernanke Signals Fed Is Prepared to Cut Interest Rates as Crisis Deepens

•Asian Stocks, Index Futures Tumble as Financial Crisis Worsens; Banks Fall

•Hong Kong Cuts Rate at Which It Lends to Rate as Credit Markets Seize Up

•Recession in U.K. Means Economy Needs Half-Point Rate Cut, Institute Says

•U.S. Seeks to Block Release of Chinese Muslims From Guantanamo Naval Base

•Schwarzenegger May Seek Emergency Session as Deficit Overwhelms New Budget

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