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Monday, October 13

October Surprise?

For the Republicans

If you're an investor or have a retirement account, your quarterly reports that were recently mailed out to perhaps a 100 million Americans will show that you lost 30% of your money. It's hard to believe that any Americans will be worried about gay marriage or the abortion issue when their pocketbooks are suffering and their futures look dismal. Rob Kall at Op Ed News suggests your quarterly report is The Mailer That Put the Final Nail in the McCain Campaign Coffin

Here's something to think about. "Trillions in stock market value — gone. Trillions in retirement savings — gone. A huge chunk of the money you paid for your house, the money you're saving for college, the money your boss needs to make payroll — gone, gone, gone". Read Trillions Disappear in Stock Market, but Where Did Money Go?

IMF [International Monetary Fund] warns of financial meltdown
I don't know why anyone would listen to Paulson or any of the "experts" in the United States who asked the European leaders who were working "feverishly over the weekend to restore blocked credit markets to working order" to have patience. In fact the economy is credit starved and deteriorating fast. A year ago, they snickered at those who predicted this meltdown. Why should we trust the same people to fix it?

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