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Friday, October 3

Hey Crazy Lady!

We may be a bit debate-heavy today—or, hey, we may not, it's already starting to fade from memory—but let's focus for a second on what was clearly the weirdest moment of last evening's proceedings.

It comes in the response round of the "heartbeat away" question. No, it's not the part where Governor Palin pops out with "Say it ain't so, Joe, there you go again"—although you can imagine her handlers thinking, "Sure, let's drill that line into her. Hell, it worked for Reagan!".

It's about where she says "I know you're passionate about education, with your wife being a teacher for thirty years, and God bless her, her reward is in heaven, right?" Even Joe Biden, who did an excellent job of pretending to smile at everything Palin said, was barely able to conceal a look of "Are you fucking kidding me, crazy lady?" But then she gave a shout out to her brother's third grade class, which was so adorable that it completely made everyone in the room forget about the fact that this woman could potentially be the President of the United States.

So here's a shout out of our own: Hey, third graders, don't break your back studying; apparently, it's not really a requirement for success anymore.

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