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Sunday, October 12

Good News on Long Island

Newsday reported today that Obama has a double digit lead over John McCain on suburban Long Island.

Yay. I don't have to cower anymore. But yes, I still meet bimbos who tell me that if Obama wins they fear they will have to wear a burka and they obviously don't read the paper.
In this poll of 761 likely voters, McCain fared poorly across the board -- trailing Obama among both men and women, in Nassau and Suffolk counties and among all races, income and educational groups. The two roughly split voters 65 and up and independents, with a small edge in both to Obama. McCain carried a single group -- Republicans. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points .
Obama also benefited from a strong anti-war sentiment on the Island, as about two-thirds of voters support having a timetable to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq, one of Obama's signature issues and sharpest differences with McCain.

Many experts believe suburban areas such as Long Island hold the key to this election, and the contests in five states -- Virginia, Colorado, Missouri, Nevada and North Carolina -- hinge in large part on Obama's showing in suburbs there, said Robert Lang, director of the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech.
Long Island used to be a Republican bastion. Heck, even I was a Republican for most of my adult life (but that was mostly because of local politics... I wanted my garbage picked up and my street plowed.) Things have changed dramatically here. I'm so relieved.

How's by you? What's the sentiment? Are you afraid to speak?

UPDATE MONDAY: Newsday reports today that over 5000 attended a foreclosure auction where 35 foreclosed homes went for as little as $250,000 to the low $300's.

Newsday also reports that for 63% of Long Islanders, the economy is the number one issue in the election. The war on Iraq and terrorism came in second at 8% apiece. They didn't report on the gay marriage or abortion issue as to how it affects Long Island voters. While Long Island is doing better than the national average, people are still wary. I didn't much of a slowdown in the stores over the weekend. The parking lots were packed. There was a sale at the fabric store and the lines were out the door. I guess people are going to sew their own clothes and stuff. I know I am.

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