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Tuesday, October 7

Dystopian Society in Louisiana thwarted for now

Or maybe I meant anti-utopian society... nevertheless the scared white man's plan is laid bare even though it lost for now.

From Think Progress
Louisiana lawmaker stripped of health committee post for proposing to sterilize low-income women.

Last month, Louisiana state Rep. John LaBruzzo (R) announced a plan “to pay poor women $1,000 to have their Fallopian tubes tied,” along with “tax incentives for college-educated, higher-income people to have more children.” He predicted that people would “get excited” about his idea. After intense public backlash, however, he was removed yesterday from his position as vice chairman of the House Health and Welfare Committee. House Speaker Jim Tucker (R) said Labruzzo’s comments “impeded his abilities to help lead critical health-care reform.”
The white right is against birth control and abortion because they want more white people to have babies. How about ways to make this a happy reproductive society from the ground up instead of trying to legislate it? It would make sense if you weren't a bigot.

Why not make the country a more desirable place to raise kids for everyone? How about better wages for dads so moms don't HAVE to work if they'd rather stay home and raise their kids, or day care choices for working moms who make the same money as their male counterparts? What about better schools that encourage critical thinking and prepare students to work, affordable non-profit health care for all, less war and a smaller gap between rich and poor? Now that sounds like a first world country to me.

Oh wait. That will encourage "undesirables." Nevermind.

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