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Wednesday, October 15

Debate Fever and Excitment In My Neck of the Woods

Hofstra University is hosting the debates tonight. It's my and my son's alma mater. It's just up the road from us, if you can actually get up the road. In understand that there are 3,000 media types swarming the hood. It's exciting to have such an event out here. I just read how much it cost to host the debate and luckily the university has very generous trustees and sponsors.
Hofstra's share of the cost of hosting tonight's debate turned out to be more like $3.5 million, doled out by three longtime boosters and alumni with deep pockets and deep ties to the university: Kalikow, a real estate developer; John D. Miller, a philanthropist; and David S. Mack, vice chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
While many of the students come from wealthy families and are pretty conservative (business majors), the faculty at the university are not conservative. Our county, Nassau has turned blue. Yay. So nyah.
Political legend has it that Ronald Reagan once said that "when a Republican dies and goes to heaven it looks a lot like Nassau County." There used be jokes that when Democrats gathered for meetings on Long Island, the sessions were held in phone booths.
Not anymore, bucko! We threw the bums out several years ago. There are no big John McCain rallies happening. But there will be protests.

My son said he wants to go over to Hofstra to join the protest by the IVAW but mom is a bit concerned about him being arrested, although I would be so proud, kind of, but not really. Money is tight and I don't want to spend it to bail him out of jail.
HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) will lead non-violent demonstrations at Hofstra University prior to the final presidential debate Oct. 15 to demand two IVAW members be allowed to ask each candidate one question.

Should IVAW's demands not be met in full by 7 p.m., members of the organization are willing to risk arrest by entering the debate to have their voices heard by the candidates.

IVAW intends to "force the issue" that servicemembers and veterans are not being heard or cared for by our leaders. The next president should make caring for our wounded military a top domestic priority, in addition to ending the war in Iraq.
IVAW is currently working to contact debate moderator Bob Schieffer to make its demands known
As much as I'd like to take part in something like that and show my solidarity, I am too old and will leave it to the younger folks. When I was a younger folk myself, I attended plenty of anti-war demonstrations. Actually I attended 2 in DC with Red State Blues recently, so what am I talking about?

In fact today I am walking over to Eisenhower Park, a stone's throw from the university and my house, to see an Obama rally headlined by David Crosby and Graham Nash with Bruce Hornsby and others. yay. It's going to be in the 70's. Nice day for an outing and to feel all patriotic. Finally.

Walt Handlesman has been hanging around Hofstra making cartoons. Here's one. The rest are here.

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