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Wednesday, October 8

Cindy Sheehan Turns up the Volume

Bailout Man Song

(Special thanks to Eva Moon & the Lunatics)

Northern California resident and anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, who is challenging Nancy Pelosi for her Congressional Seat, has indicated an interest in launching a new National political Party after the election in November. Ms. Sheehan believes that Congress woefully underestimated voters by voting for the “bailout” bill:

"I was watching the debates on the House floor and the Congress people kept saying 'my constituents are overwhelmingly against this but I have to do it because it's for the good of the country', what a load of crap!"

The $700 billion giveaway has people across the country of all political stripes -- including a-political --- smelling the latte. As one local resident remarked:

"Two weeks ago I thought you should be shot, but now I'm awake, I'm not going to be a slave anymore, and I support what you do."

Is there such a thing as taking the fight to City Hall? Will the “hate America” goons that have worked tirelessly to divide and conquer and deep six the Party of FDR unite to stop the GANGSTA BANKSTAS government takeover?


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