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Tuesday, October 14

Cautiously Optimistic Editorial

From the looks of the morning political pundits, Obama will be the next president. Experience has taught me however that pundits of all persuasions are usually wrong. While I believe that Americans are overwhelmingly disgusted with McPalin except for the very rich and the very ignorant, it all will come down to the actual election process itself. It's hard to fix an election when there is a landslide though. So I remain cautiously optimistic that the GOP won't be kicking us around anymore (not that I believe that the Democrats will be whole lot better). "Different" will be a relief although sometimes you have to be careful of what you pray for.

I'm just hoping that there will be a respite from American imperialism and the very rich don't get very richer. I think they have enough already. Greed is so unbecoming.

I look forward to telling those who are fumed that Obama won the election, "Get over it, you racist. Stop whining." A girl can dream can't she?

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