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Friday, September 5

WSJ: "End Times" Palin Finger on Nuclear Button - Yikes!

Sarah Palin makes us long for the days of Larry Craig when "GOP" meant that the worst the hypocritical Grand and Gay Old Party could do was offer us Senators who innocently cruise airport bathrooms for blowjobs. Oh, but those were the good old days...

Tongues are wagging now as the Wall Street Journal scoops the low-down on Sarah Palin’s penchant for speaking in tongues. Click on the above youtube video for a very special glimpse into what the fundamental future of this nation's sorry ass might look like with a McCain/Palin presidency, then plotz, plotz some more and remember, this is NOT some Reality TV Show from the tundra.

Here is the full WSJ article. Below are excerpts if you don't want to read all of it:

At the Pentecostal church where Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin worshipped for more than two decades, congregants speak in tongues and are part of a faith that believes humanity is in its "end times" -- the days preceding a world-ending cataclysm bringing Christian redemption and the second coming of Jesus.
The Rev. Ed Kalnins, pastor of the Pentecostal church, Wasilla Assembly of God, says he has told church members that God put President George W. Bush in office...At Mr. Kalnins's invitation, Gov. Palin appeared on stage in June before a youth group at Wassila Assembly of God, where she reminisced fondly about getting baptized there, before asking the young people to pray for a proposed natural-gas pipeline in Alaska ....
David Gushee, a Christian ethicist at Mercer University in Atlanta, says he is troubled that a public official might presume that government action could be God's intent. "I would never think it is appropriate to describe the actions of the United States military or the strategies of our commanders as a plan from God," Mr. Gushee says.Mr. Gushee says Gov. Palin should explain her beliefs concerning the inevitability of a cataclysm and the end of time. "To me, it is highly relevant to someone who potentially has her hand on the nuclear button," he says. "If that is her worldview, I would want to know about that."
The Wasilla Assembly of God and its parent denomination -- the three-million member General Council of the Assemblies of God -- espouse core beliefs not widely ascribed to by major Christian factions. Many members pray in undecipherable sounds or "tongues." The denomination’s Web site says some scholars believe that the "end times" foreshadowing the end of the world was confirmed in 1948, with the founding of the state of Israel.


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