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Tuesday, September 2

Will McCain be the Choice?

Some of us have mentioned here, and it has certainly been mentioned on other blogs and sites, that McCain was merely a placeholder for the RNC and that he would be replaced during the Republican Convention.
His apparent gaffs, attributable to his supposedly intelligent campaign staff make me wonder if there wasn't a premeditated arrangement to take the attention away from Hillary/Obama then Obama. (Could any group of Republican Political Advisors under Rove be so stupid intentionally? And look at what Mark Penn did as a Republican operative working to trounce Hillary). They've done a remarkable job either way.
But if it were intentional, the coup would be the selection of Sarah Palin. Add the obvious slap in the face of other more respectable Republican possibilities and you have the makings of an overthrow. Reason provided for saving the Party. Do they want to lose the White House because of a unbalanced candidate or could they anoint a saviour waiting in the wings? One who was installed there in secret by the PTB, informed and ready to don the mantle of saver of the Republican Party?
A book could be written about the reasons not to select Sarah Palin as VEEP, and that material just in a week! Had she been selected sooner, say June, she would have never passed the smell test then, and certainly by now it would be like a rotting moose in the Alaskan Spring Sun. There would have been ample time for an outcry and McCain would have to choose another, possibly Ridge or Lieberman to the chagrin of the Religious Right.
Had that happened, the impetus for removing McCain would have been lost. Now, however, reasons abound to remove him. Whether it will be discussed over the next two days publicly is doubtful. More than likely, in secret Chicago Style back rooms a decision could or has been made and if he is to be replaced, either it will come as a shock vote, much as the 2000 and 2004 rigged elections or he will decide to step down for the good of the party and allow...someone else to champion for Untruth, Injustice and the UnAmerican way.
I'm probably wrong, but it's a thought.

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