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Friday, September 12

Why we must help the poor auto industry. (for me)

The CEO of Ford says that Congress should provide up to 50 billion in loans to the auto industry so they can make more fuel efficient vehicles.
Well, get out the Vaseline, folk. Ford already makes three cars, sold ONLY in Europe, including a modified Focus that get 60 plus miles per gallon on diesel…but…get this. They won’t sell them in the U.S. because of “reasons.” Gee, wonder what they are?
But back to the plea for our tax money to the auto industry. We (our wonderful generous Congress) give them more money to do something they should have done on their own years ago, now they want us to pay for their decades of indiscretions. In addition to paying for the fuel that Ford’s cars MIGHT save us (in the near or far future) we have to pay back the loan in the form of retribution on the cars they’ll sell us in addition to the interest on the loan. They have the best of all worlds. Get money to make more (just barely) fuel efficient cars from the government through us then pass on the cost of producing those new cars to us. Wow! Capitalism at work. And I’m sure the cost of producing diesel will never go up and the oil companies will be more than happy to continue to lose money once those cars are sold in America. (Walt! I got a great deal on some prime property down your way!)
You know, for the last 25 years, I’ve been meaning to start a business that could save Americans big bucks on something, but haven’t done anything about it because I’ve been too busy eating and drinking and enjoying life. But now I’d like the government to loan me a few million (keep the billions, I’m not that greedy) so I can work on my project (what ever it is) to help Americans save money or learn to read better or anything else I can think of. I’ll let you know what it is after I get the cash and after a thorough fact finding trip to Tahiti and New Zealand.
I’m just as entitled to those funds as Ford and Company because I’ve been just as irresponsible. Anybody else want in on the action?

Next, I’ll point out the advantages of government financed prostitution for federal employees. I might need some more tax payer money to finish my study, though.

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