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Thursday, September 11

We interrupt the current distraction...

From the Sensational News Nutwork (The Tabloid Division of The Garlic):

Broked Back News!!!

Our intrepid investigating reporter (who almost covered the scandalous Bush/McCain dirt during the 2000 campaign, but went to NORTH Carolina instead of South Carolina) has an exclusive! Although this hasn't yet been confirmed, chances are it's for real... honest!
We only publish the kinds of facts we learned from the Bush people in 2000!


Here it is...

There's an unconfirmed, but from reasonably reliable sources that are in the process of being vetted, about an overheard conversation at a town hall meeting that was on local TV that...well, here it is...

Barack Obama MAY have fathered a .... a black baby! and with a married woman! Yes! I know! Incredible, isn't it? There's more. It's also been reported that he may actually have had another black baby before this one! And with the same married black woman!
How do we do it? How do we get these exclusives? We don't know...we just do.
We're still trying to find the mother of the two little girls to confirm whether this is, indeed, true. More later.

It seems that we have actual confirmation from a woman named...ah... Michelle Obama, who confirms that Barack Obama has two black children by her! WOW! What a scoop.
The only question now is will the McCain Campaign use this against Obama for political leverage? Our guess is that he will.
Will it hurt Obama's campaign? Who knows?
Will the MSM spend days or weeks on this? Has anyone seen Faux News trucks around?
Stay tuned for more information!

Reporting from the Obama Campaign, I'm A. Nudder Tyme, SNN News. Now back to the cellar...

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