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Monday, September 8

Wasilla: Charged rape victims for costs of examinations?

Gov. Palin was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska from 1996-2002
Alaska also has the highest rate of rape in the country.

From The Frontiersman, May 22, 2000
ANCHORAGE - Gov. Tony Knowles recently signed legislation protecting victims of sexual assault from being billed for tests to collect evidence of the crime, but one local police chief said the new law will further burden taxpayers.

The new law makes it illegal for any law enforcement agency to bill victims or victims insurance companies for the costs of examinations that take place to collect evidence of a sexual assault or determine if a sexual assault did occur.

While the Alaska State Troopers and most municipal police agencies have covered the cost of exams, which cost between $300 to $1,200 apiece, the Wasilla police department does charge the victims of sexual assault for the tests.

Wasilla Police Chief Charlie Fannon does not agree with the new legislation, saying the law will require the city and communities to come up with more funds to cover the costs of the forensic exams.

In the past we've charged the cost of exams to the victims insurance company when possible. I just don't want to see any more burden put on the taxpayer, Fannon said.

According to Fannon, the new law will cost the Wasilla Police Department approximately $5,000 to $14,000 a year to collect evidence for sexual assault cases.
WTF? In America, tax dollars DO foot the bill for criminal investigations by the police departments. Did they charge robbery victims for forensic evidence? Murder victims? I don't think so. The more I learn about Wasilla, the more I hate it. It doesn't exemplify the country I know.

I wonder if Charles Gibson of ABC News asks Sarah Palin about that policy in her city while she was mayor. Did she know about this? And if so, is she the anti-woman or what?

She has stated that she doesn't support abortion or emergency contraception for rape victims, so it doesn't seem too far fetched that she knew about that policy to charge sex abuse victims for tests and did nothing to stop it. I'd really like her to address this to all of America before my head explodes.


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UPDATE: Speaking of bilking taxpayers for such triviality as being sexually assaulted, the Washington Post today reports that Governor Palin has billed taxpayers for 312 nights she spent in her own home during the first 19 months in office to the tune of $16, 951. Meanwhile her husband and kids charged the state $43,490 in travel expenses.

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