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Monday, September 8

Small Town Values

I've been hearing and seeing a lot about "small town values" on the television lately, especially during the RNC. No one was able to actually define these values or make them seem different from say large town values or city values. The small town folks at the RNC were quite vehement that their values are "The" values of America. I would like to know what they are. I suspect that they are no different than anywhere else and that there is a deliberate attempt by politicians and the press to divide Americans over things that cannot be defined.

I have never lived in a small town. We are very squished here in my NYC suburb and live very close together. You cannot escape knowing what your neighbors are up to. People in big towns look out for each other and for the community at large. We try to be tolerant of people who are different and come from different cultures. We care deeply about our schools and the type of education our kids are receiving. We have PTA's, picnics, school sports, churches, temples, mosques, mayors, community centers and we frown on crime and drugs. People don't like the idea of kids roaming around on the streets at night. There are carnivals, street fairs, art shows, county fairs, church fairs and fund raisers which bring communities together. We have mom and pop stores and know the shopkeepers by name. Our boys go off to fight in wars and when they come back, there are signs around the community welcoming them back. I'm positive that many many people own Bibles and read them. We value a safe community. We value our children. We value having food and shelter. What are we missing?

What makes our values worse or less good than those of small towns? Sure, there are things that are different between large towns and small towns but what makes one demographic better or more typically American than another?

How do large towns and cities threaten small towns valueswise?

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