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Tuesday, September 2

Republican Logic!

If you can believe this, then you can believe that Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice President!

You may have seen this little proof that 2=1:

a = x [true for some a's and x's]
a+a = a+x [add a to both sides]
2a = a+x [a+a = 2a]
2a-2x = a+x-2x [subtract 2x from both sides]
2(a-x) = a+x-2x [2a-2x = 2(a-x)]
2(a-x) = a-x [x-2x = -x]
2 = 1 [divide both sides by a-x]

You may doubt that 2=1. So, where is the mistake? Think about it.

The reason why this isn't true is in the comments. But why worry about facts when things can be made to look real?

There's a slideshow at Huffington Post showing Sarah's first five days. They couldn't even script this in Hollywood. I'm not even sure the best fiction writers could pen it.

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