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Thursday, September 4

Old News, Newer News

Old News: America Invades Afghanistan
Old News: America Invades Iraq
New News: America Invades Pakistan

"An incursion by foreign troops from Afghanistan into Pakistan that killed at least 20 people, including women and children, has been condemned by the foreign ministry in Islamabad as a "gross violation" of Pakistani territory.

"Security officials in the region have said the incursion into the tribal area of South Waziristan was carried out by US commandos dropped from helicopters.

"The North West Frontier Province governor, Owais Ahmed Ghani, who is in administrative charge of the tribal areas, said in a statement: "It is outrageous ... This is a direct assault on the sovereignty of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan expect that the armed forces ... would rise to defend the sovereignty of the country and give a befitting reply."

Future News: Today the Middle East; Tomorrow the World

If I get a chance I'll post more on this later. Right now I have to go and help out an aged, somewhat disabled, neo-conservative neighbor. He just shit himself in ecstasy.

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