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Thursday, September 4

More disturbing things I found on my way through life

Cindy the C spent $300,000 on her fashion for that, oh so fab, 10 minute appearance at the RNC.

John McCain knows what America needs, he told us so. Cindy the C...not so much.

As an East Coast Elitist (not!), I wanted to know what foppery Cindy the C wore could buy in my area.

60 students could get a degree from a two year community college or vo-tech, all expenses paid.
6 students could get a full time, 4 year degree from the University of Pittsburgh.
4 families could get paid off homes in this area (not trailers).
Schools in the area could get 300 lap top computers to help in their education.
about 5000 new high school text books could be bought.
170 low income kids could get Breakfast and Lunch each school day for a year.
125 families could have heat for a year.
375 families or senior citizens could have heat for the winter.
120 lucky affluents could enjoy 1 pound of Caviar.
or you could buy 13,600 cases of Bud for you and your friends.


Cindy the C and John could pay George and Laura's 2007 taxes and still give them $93,000 in cash!

This was just all from Cindy the C's grotesque garb for
one freakin' night

Oh, one other thing...
that money could feed one poor third world Christian Sponsored family of four for 833 years... or 833 families for a year!

Yeah, the McCain's are in touch with America.

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