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Friday, September 5

Melissa Has Done It Again

Melissa McEwan, over at Shakesville, has come up with the most fiendishly brilliant idea. Evah. While noting that the speech given by Sarah Palin has become a fundraising boon for Barack Obama, she suggests an alternative method of expressing one's displeasure at Palin's selection (not to mention Palin's political positions) for those who are not inclined to support the Democratic ticket:

A donation to Planned Parenthood in the name of Sarah Palin. Then, and this is the really fiendishly delightful part, Planned Parenthood will send Ms. Palin a personalized card letting her know that a donation has been made in her name.

Done and done.

Now that, "my friends", is using your powers for good rather than evil. Bravo, Melissa.

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