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Wednesday, September 10

is his nose growing yet? 'comprehensive sex education for kindergartners' my ass...

I spotted this over at Political Animal this morning, so props to Hilzoy.

The McSame campaign is trying to spin an Obama-supported bill (written to protect kindergartners from sexual predators, among other things) as 'comprehensive sex education for kindergartners'. You just cannot make this shit up.

McSame, who cannot remember just how much of a propertarian he is, whose wife blew $300,000 on an outfit for the convention which could have fed and clothed how many people?, and who has probably never dropped off a five-yr-old for school and taken the leap of faith that nothing untoward will happen, is lying. Of course.

Anyway, here's the original post which deconstructs the lie and its build-up much better than I could.

Remember, this kind of logic is in the same class as "Well, Ms. Palin should have foreign policy experience because, like, Alaska is right near Russia...", and it came from the same damn place. Are people really so stupid as to accept it? (Please don't answer that right now...)

Obsidian Wings has a post from Hilzoy (Political Animal), about how the Cub Scouts have educational material (a comic book!) which addresses appropriate and inappropriate touching. Will we see the McCain people go after the Cub Scouts for teaching little boys about sex? Hmmmm....

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