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Thursday, September 11

In Response:

Couple of years ago a local guy says to me, "How come you hang out on the Internet so much?"
I replied, "'Cause there's where I find the real news about what's going on, especially about how things are going in Iraq."
He must have had an inkling about where I was headed with such a statement because at that point he blurted out, "Yeah! I watch CNN and FOX 'cause I like to know about all the GOOD we're doing over there."
I found a fitting response to his statement today in a headline from YahooNews which reads: Iraq: Death toll in cholera outbreak rises to 5. The article begins,
"Cholera has killed five people in Baghdad and southern areas in an outbreak partly caused by the deterioration of water facilities during years of conflict, Iraq said Thursday.

"Health Minister Salih al-Hasnawi confirmed 36 cases of the waterborne disease so far, including 13 cases in Baghdad and 20 cases in Babil province, south of the capital. The first fatality, a 3-year-old boy, was reported in Maysan province last week.

"There are 86 suspected cases undergoing laboratory tests, he said at a news conference."

If such as the above is this guy's idea of "good" what then would be his definition of "bad?" PoLT uses this story as proof positive that the state of Iowa has the ignorantest population in the country.

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