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Sunday, September 7 Bread (or a lot of other pertinent songs)

Tune in, Turn(it) on, Get Sucked In

The controversy over the Palinoscopy of John McCain probably won't matter much after this coming Wednesday. That's the day (uh huh, uh huh!, I like it..cough cough) that they turn on the “End of the Universe Machine.” Of course it's perfectly safe! Just like Corvairs and Chinese toys and...
But you can tune in, turn (it) on and watch the universe drop out September 10, 2008. Couldn't they have waited one day? Maybe they wanted to dilute memories of that day by giving us another, albeit quite possibly, ephemeral date to go down in the short history of mankind that will be left.
They say it's perfectly safe. They say that the odds are really, really high that anything bad will happen (define bad!). They say not to worry about it. Who are they? Well, an intensive study was done years ago in a galaxy far, far away to try to find out who "they" were or are. The conclusion was that "They" were people from Eastern Kentucky. Why? Well, now they are studying why the people from Eastern Kentucky should have such an influence. More in the future on this (if there is a future).
Whatever the case, it's not too often that the public is invited to such “earth-shattering” events. We all missed the boffo opening of Oppenheimer's first play even though Dave Garroway and NBC brought us a live performance in the early 1950s.
And we missed other live events having to rely on the doctored media coverage; JFK, Gulf of Tonkin, Chicago '68 (5 minute tape delay, honest injun!).
So if you have nothing better to do the 10th and would like to be front row at DW's Diner and by the way, drinks and dinner are on me. I'll pick up the check, DW. (Better cash it quick before we're all dissembled into itty bitty subatomic particles).
Ciao Baby!

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