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Thursday, September 4

I wonder if Cindy Spit-combs Johnny boy's hair every morning....

Remember the Wolfowitz "fashion extreme" in Farenheit 9/11?

I've got nothing against a quick hair-lick to calm the bed head down. I actually went to give my daughter a wet down the other day on her way out the door to school but got the "don't you DARE wipe your spit on my hair" glare, so I used some water instead.

It is pretty gross when you think about it. Since I'm OCD and my hands are ALWAYS clean I don't worry about it; BUT.... can you imagine how many hands little Piper shook prior to her "cute" hair-lick?

I personally think it was staged, but then again, maybe not. She probably sees mommy doing a quick spit-shine all the time?

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