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Monday, September 1

Grandma Sarah and the hypocrisy of the far right

Governor Palin's 17 year old daughter, Bristol is pregnant. Palin and her husband are very proud that their daughter will have the baby and proud to become grandparents (was she given a choice?) Palin has stated publicly that she wouldn't support abortion even if her daughter was raped. She supports creationism being taught in public schools and doesn't support funding of explicit sex education programs. She believes in fairy tales.

Ben Smith at politico found an interview with Palin from 2006:
Q: Will you support funding for abstinence-until-marriage education instead of for explicit sex-education programs, school-based clinics, and the distribution of contraceptives in schools?

SP: Yes, the explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support.
So there you go. Abstinence only education doesn't work.

This IS A POLITICAL issue because the right wing has consistently maintained that they only support abstinence only education and they force it on the rest of the country. Lucky for the Palins that they have the resources to welcome this baby into their lives despite their daughter's ignorance of how babies come to be or her lack of willpower.

Let us not forget that the McCain campaign leaked the story about Bristol's pregnancy to Reuters on Monday.

It's always those with good financial resources who support abstinence only education because they don't have a clue what an unwanted pregnancy does to most average middle and working class families. Sure, abstinence education works right until the moment that it doesn't. Let this be a lesson to holier than thou right wing, that your kids are going to have sex if they want to and how irresponsible it is to pretend that they won't. Wouldn't it just be easier to explain to them how to avoid unwanted pregnancies and save having children until they are more mature and financially able to cope with the responsibilities of parenthood.

The tradition of shotgun marriages in this country is not a healthy one or a happy one. In this economic climate, it's not like kids can go out and make enough money to support a family. They could work 2 40 hour jobs a week and still be among the working poor. Why would we want to punish them and their children when we could have educated them about REAL family values.

This example of how abstinence education is a failure must be in the public spotlight during this election cycle and it's just too bad that Bristol Palin has to take the brunt of it. I don't mean her any ill will but it's people like her mother, Sarah Palin who turn a blind eye to teenage hormones and support public policy that do nothing to lessen the frequency of unwanted children.

How lucky is Bristol Palin that the boy will marry her and help her raise the child. How lucky she is that her family is in the position to assure that the child will not be raised in poverty or stuck in some unloving facility during its formative years while Bristol finishes school and has to flip burgers to pay the rent.

The hypocrisy of the far right wing and their pretend family values IS an issue for public discussion.

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