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Tuesday, September 2

A few posts below I asked if McCain were to be replaced by the RNC. Maybe a better question is,"Are they hoping or planning to have McCain be replaced by Palin in the near future (in capacitance, of course!)?"
We were inundated a few months ago by the press and the Fix Noise asses about the possibility of Hillary as Vice President becoming President through a possible "UNFORTUNATE" accident leaving him incapable of continuing.
Why limit that thinking to Democrats? Could it be that there is a third candidate in the Right Wings to work with Palin after McCain visits Walter Reed or the Pearly Hilton? Maybe Huck or Mit is being readied and will become the real President; that is, after Palin is sworn in and resigns intentionally because (all of a sudden, Oh My!) she herself then feels she can't do the job? That would make Huck or Mit the new President and they could then pick another Vice President...Joey?...
Just a conspiratorial thought to add to the mix.

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