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Wednesday, September 10

American Fundamentalism vs. the "Muslim Threat"

1992: The Year that Kicked off “American White Collar Cleansing”

And so far, folks, it’s working! Just look around!

With Sarah Palin sporting the new face of
American Fundamentalism against “Muslim Threat” rhetoric that dominates U.S. politics, corporate and military industrial policies, is it any wonder that the MSM is enjoying a field day keeping the public alternately bemused and shocked with Ms. Anti-FemiMoose who also happens to be a holy roller?

Two articles today reveal a tidy bit of buried history involving what is called “ethnic cleansing” when referring to atrocities occuring in third world countries but is considered a horribly politically incorrect term when used to describe international collusion with U.S. politicians to relieve the United States of its excessively educated white collar professionals from the workforce in order to accommodate millions of Indian workers to take American jobs, instead. (Why would the MSM want to conceal this lofty humanitarian effort?)

Coincidentally, two operations against the security of educated white collar citizens emerged simultaneously in the year 1992, involving a consortium of players including
AIPAC, India, Israel, and the United States.

In 1992, President Bill Clinton presided over the bipartisan blueprint (still alive and well today) for “American white collar cleansing” that officially kicked off its deliverance of millions of American white collar technical, medical and now financial professional jobs to Indian workers in exchange for lucrative
nuclear proliferation and arms deals between political and corporate elites from India, the U.S. and Israel.

The first operation was the creation of the H-1b visa program in 1992. Many questions arise over this triad’s agenda and how the “Muslim threat” has been used by political and corporate elites to wildly profit over and over again via its ties to the military industrial complex to screw middle/upper American citizens. In 1992,

“Congress amended the Immigration and Nationality Act. This act, implemented in 1992, established the H-1B visa category for non-immigrants who sought to work in high skill or specialty occupations, and set annual limits of 65,000 on the number of H-1B visas granted”.

The second operation was the formal creation of diplomatic relations between New Delhi and Tel Aviv which were established in 1992.

this article today, The Daily times of Pakistan confirms that India and Israel have shared defense co-operation since diplomatic relations between New Delhi and Tel Aviv were established in 1992. The ties have become stronger in recent times with India emerging as the largest purchaser of Israeli arms since the beginning of the 21st century.

And what role does
AIPAC play in the exchange of Indian programmers for American high technology professionals in the United States? Call them a “broker”? Let’s just sing that song, you know the one – something about Israel makes global arms sales of the world go ‘round…

Today, AIPAC, America’s Pro-Israel Lobby announced
U.S. Approves $330 Million in Arms Deals for Israel

“in separate arms deals for Israel.. In addition, sources tracking a much bigger deal for two-dozen F-35 fighter jets said that agreement could be finalized later this month. The three deals include upgrades for Israel's Patriot missile defense system, anti-armor weapons and thousands of training rockets, bombs and other equipment. The U.S.-Israel alliance remains more critical than ever as the two nations face an unprecedented array of shared threats.”

Since 1992, the handy-dandy legalized practice of American “white-collar cleansing” spearheaded by the Neo-Frat Boy Corporate State to rid our technology sector of millions of unworthy, educated Americans who “have no right to a job” kicked off, which has made a few corporate and political elites of these three nations multimillionaires at the expense of millions of educated white collar American professionals. Dovetailing neatly with the perceived “Muslim Threat” that simultaneously prompted the India/Israel alliance, the military industrial complex continues to score big time with the “Muslim Threat” as America is essentially blackmailed (willingly) by India to use its land to aim nukes at Pakistan and China in exchange for American white collar jobs; Israel gets an instant ally in its “war on Islam” with India, encouraging tensions against Pakistan plus the added bonus $$ of international, lucrative arms deals; the U.S. gets beefed up demand for the sale of military equipment/private security/infrastructure contracts and oh boy, the list goes on and on and on!

How does the war machine adversely affect the number of available jobs for America's white collar professionals? Let’s connect all the religious the dots…India is considered to be a predominately Hindu country with a Muslim minority. Muslims are allegedly rumored to hate Jews. Pakistan’s population is comprised of a Muslim majority and is a nation suffering from extreme poverty and violence. The United States and Israel, in order to keep up their lucrative arms deal/military equipment/infrastructure sales abroad just have to keep India happy! The only thing is, for this hateful game against America’s white collar workers to keep going, it is dependent upon keeping up the “Muslim Terror Threat” rhetoric which, so far, is working out *fine*.

More “Muslim Threats.” In the meantime, The Daily Times of Pakistan reports that "Israel has offered to train Indian troops in counter-insurgency and anti-terrorist operations." Hmm. Imagine what would happen if the U.S. government told India that it has reconsidered this whole “Mulsim Threat” propaganda and decided to just take those nukes home? What would AIPAC do? Would our white collar jobs come back?

For any of you goose stepping women who want to hop on AIPAC’s exclusive “American white collar cleansing” behind the scenes agenda to sell out even more American professional jobs under the banner of “Muslim Threat”, be sure to check out the
Women of AIPAC'S Annual Gathering in Chicago next month during AIPAC’s 2008 National Summit.


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