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Tuesday, August 5


It's an open question now whether or not Vice-President/Eminence Grise/Martin Bormann Lookalike/Eater of Babies Richard Cheney will attend the Republican National Convention in Minnesota in early September.

Gee whillikers, I wonder why?

Could it be that the economy's in the toilet and rapidly swirling downward to the bottom?

Could it be that our grand military adventure in Iraq, while showing some progress, is still as fragile as a Meissen teacup?

Could it be that al Qaeda is as big as it was prior to 9/11 (HE SAID 9/11! DRINK!) and is still planning attacks?

Could it be that the Mideast is less stable than it was eight years ago?

Could it be that Americans are now worse off than they were eight or four years ago?

Everything that Bush and Cheney have touched has turned to a loose glob of runny shit, with the exception of the profits realized by Halliburton, KBR and Exxon/Mobil.

Which explains the mass exodus of GOP candidates away from the tainted, toxic legacy of George W Bush (who is expected to be at the Convention the first night, then stay home). Apart from calling Bush out for private fundraisers (oh, and expect the next closed-door function he attends to have all cameras and cell phones confiscated), he's Not Wanted.

Good. Fuck him. Name a sewage treatment plant or landfill after him and Cheney, and exile them to Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis deserve it.

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