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Thursday, August 7


No, not George Walker Bush, Dear Leader, Barbarian-Quelling Generalissimo etc. etc. etc.

Don't get your hopes up.

There is a push forming in Islamabad, Pakistan to impeach President (former General) Pervez Musharraf, he of the greasy mustache and the armload of nukes. There are several procedural hurdles that must be achieved before the dirty deed can be consummated, but the ruling coalition in Parliament think it can be done.

The BBC correspondent reporting the news said that an impeachment of the President would take Pakistan into an entirely unexplored territory, as Pakistan's never had to impeach a leader before (they usually end up dead).

Now Musharraf can get out of this by dissolving the Parliament and rule by executive fiat. But it might be easier if he just goes the same route as his buddy George W. and either issue a signing statement or ignore the legislative branch entirely.

So, with the northwestern border provinces increasingly restive, tensions mounting over cross-border incursions by US, NATO and Afghan forces to retaliate against the Taliban and al Qaeda, inflation at 20 percent and a constitutional crisis brewing in Islamabad, Pakistan is on shaky ground.

And it's always instructive to pay attention to the fact that Pakistan has its own nuclear arsenal. A militant government might just be crazy nuts enough to think about using them the next time India gets pushy about Kashmir.

I'm going to start watching our "ally in the Total War Against Terror" very closely to see what develops.

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