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Wednesday, August 6

If the FBI was so convinced of Bruce Ivin's guilt, why didn't they just arrest him?

Doubts Remain About Anthrax Story

And the FBI has no intention of proving Bruce Ivins was the anthrax attacker.

Why would a Democrat target liberals?
Government's Purported 'Anthrax Killer' Was a Registered Democrat

I recall thinking back in 2001 that it's highly unlikely that the "terrorists" behind the anthrax attacks would waste time going after the non ruling party in US government- the Democrats and that they would only go after journalists who might expose them for who they are. It was an obvious warning to anyone who wasn't in cahoots with the neocons. The attacks seemed to target those who would demand an investigation into the government failures of 9/11, the stolen election and would question the upcoming wars. Perfect inside job. Then and now.

There's no one easier to convict than a dead man.
Posner on anthrax investigation: Don't rush to convict a dead man

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