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Friday, August 8

A Certain Amount of Viewing with Alarm

The Caucasian Republic of Georgia has been having a problem with its province of South Ossetia over the past decade or so. South Ossetia, with its large Russian population, doesn't want to be part of Georgia, instead wanting to become either independent or a part of the Russian Federation.

Georgia doesn't see it that way, and its military forces apparently invaded earlier today and reportedly have taken the pronvcial capital, Tskhinvali.

Russia has started sending in tanks, and there are reports of casualties.

NATO's Secretary-General is watching this closely. Georgia applied for NATO membership, which pissed off Russia.

President Bush was informed and is said to be watching the situation, although what he can accomplish is amatter of debate.

Which just leaves this little blurb from Duck Soup as my take on little Georgia fighting Russia:

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