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Thursday, August 7

Bush Legacy: Piss and Spend "Conservatives" Leave Half a Trillion Dollar Deficit

If you've been listening to political news, you are struck at how conservative voters are shaking in their boots at the prospect of a Democratic president and Congress because they know that taxes are going to go up. I suppose a better solution for so called conservatives would be to spend spend spend until they're all dead. "Conservative" is a funny name for these folks.

What's been buried in the news is that the WH projects a $482 billion deficit for 2009 which fails to include roughly another $80 billion for additional Iraq war funding. This, of course, is the largest deficit in American history. You may recall that Clinton left a budget surplus of $127 billion and Bush gave it all back to the people in 2001 in some faux magnanimous gesture, teh douchebag, all the while planning wars on Afghanistan and Iraq behind our backs.

Where pray tell do people expect the money to come from to start paying off the debt? Does anyone really think that McCain is going to do anything about it? When Republicans cut spending they usually cut their noses off to spite their faces. Can you say crumbling infrastructure and higher crime?

Just looking back at my lifetime, there is a pattern of Democrats having to come into office and fix years of "Piss and Spend" governance by the GOP. They must know in their heart of hearts that the party is over. We went through this with Reagan. When will people learn that they have to eventually pay the piper?

source RFK Jr at HuffPo
see more stories that were buried by the MSM at the link.

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