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Wednesday, August 6

Big Surprise ::yawns:: UPDATED!

The military court trying the case of United States vs Salim Hamdan just heard from the jury. Hamdan, Osama bin Laden's purported driver, was on trial for various terrorism-related offenses.

And the envelope, please ... thank you, Brigitte.

::drum roll::

Hamdan was found guilty.

One wonders if he'll go to trial next on traffic charges.

The military court found him guilty, which was, I mean, like, totally unexpected - considering one prosecutor was caught on record as saying that the higher-ups in the Pentagon and White House didn't want anything that even came close to an acquittal. They wanted convictions, and that was that.

Yessiree bob, a scrupulously fair trial, followed by a first class hanging.

And who says we no longer have lynch laws in this fading Republic?


The jury went through their sentencing phase, and they sentenced Hamdan to 66.5 months in Federal prison. With time served.

Which means he'll walk in about 6 months.

Which means he won't, as this goofball-addled "Administration" reserves to itself the right to say, "You go home when we say so, dumbass."

Which means that even if he were acquitted, or his conviction gets overturned on appeal, Hamdan will not be released.

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