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Sunday, July 6

WTC7 Mystery Solved?

According to Raw Story, the BBC Conspiracy files reports that the WTC 7 mystery has finally been solved by the NIST, The National Institute of Standards and Technology and that it's not a conspiracy or a controlled demolition even though those who conduct controlled demolitions for a living swear that it was. It is suspected that the NIST will claim that fires brought down the building causing it to almost freefall upon itself into its own footprint much like a controlled demolition. This would be the first time in history that something like this happened- a steel framed building would collapse upon itself due to fire.

As I remember from that very day and later after talking to firefighters who live on Long Island shortly afterward, reports of the building's collapse or imminent collapse were made public up to an hour before it actually happened. I believe that I saw somewhere on the net that Larry Silverstein ordered the building to be "pulled." I'm not sure if the NIST will explain that in their upcoming report. It is also interesting to note that the NIST had no steel to examine as all the steel from the WTC's was taken away and melted before anyone had a chance to inspect it, therefore computer models were made to simulate how the supposedly melted steel caused the building to collapse upon itself. How reliable are computer models when the data can be made to fit the desired scenario? I don't know.

This You Tube Video shows the BBC News reporting that the WTC 7 had collapsed a full 20 minutes before it even happened.

I think however that this Italian documentary makes sense out of what happened that day to WTC7, The Solomon Brothers building which was also home to incidentally the Secret Service, the CIA, the Department of Defense and the Office of Emergency Management. hmmm.

I'm not conspiracy theorist, but the collapse of the WTC7 is very fishy to this very day and I doubt that the NIST findings will put to rest all the conspiracy theories... hell even the 911 commission didn't bring up that building's collapse in its report.

I'm not here to argue. This is just the latest news.

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