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Tuesday, July 8

Website recommendation

I'd like to take this time to recommend a website that I visit quite frequently to keep abreast of religion and politics, Talk to Action at

Even if you're not a believer per se, it's important to see who the movers and shakers are in the evangelical movement and in our houses of congress, to see how the religious "right" use the bible to oppress people to make them hate their least bretheren and get them to vote for ultra conservative politicians. You'll quickly notice how simple religious people are being used for political gain and how. You'll learn the names of those people who use god to sell hatred, bigotry and intolerance and understand fully how much they believe in the god of money and power. Overall, it's a very informative website to bookmark. Oh and you'll notice that the very same people who tout this as a christian nation rarely if ever mention Jesus.

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