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Wednesday, July 2

"We Can't Make it Here" Anymore

18 Million Hillary Voters Are Going to go Where?


Is the invisible hand of the War on America’s White Collar Middle Class finally saying “fuck it” by pulling the curtain on the Democratic Party once known for uniting the People and fighting corporate welfare?

With venture capitalists crying about how they don’t want to cut in their peers at the trough, a strange convergence of forces are spinning simultaneously as the economy tanks. While the Democrats (Obama and Hillary, Chairman of the Senate India Caucus) goose-step right along with other third-world outsourcing slave labor Republicans who have all staunchly pledged their allegiance to sell out white collar jobs, guess what? It’s working! Corporate and "new media" elites and sycophants of both parties have little patience these days with the majority of white collar Americans having the audacity to demand healthcare rights for all, a right to work with good jobs, the right to lock and load and privacy rights.

Just when you thought most people are finding the political theatre of the One Big Money Party currently defined by Democrats and Republicans (Obama and McCain) beyond horribly boring, blowback from Team Hillary enters Center Stage to set up camp in the form of a political action committee known as PUMA.

Led by blogger Darragh Murphy of Boston, PUMA (People United Means Action) was launched to question and (among other things) defiantly “critique and oppose the misogyny, discrimination, and disinformation in the mainstream media, including mainstream blogs and other outlets of new media” that led to Hillary’s demise at the hands of the highly criticized DNC Michigan/Florida decision to hand Barack Obama the nomination. For a look at specific “Odds and Ends”, Joe Cannon links to this comprehensive draft offered by Annabelle at Peacocks and Lillies in the Declaration of PUMA Objections.

Speaking of “other new media outlets”…Why oh why would HuffPo’s well-known Obama megaphone, Arianna Huffington, now publicly take her horse, the Big "O" to the woodshed and openly question his *shocking* move to the center with his recent positions on FISA, gun control laws, expansion of the death penalty, and NAFTA? Kabuki moves from the self-described “progressive” or has HuffPo’s head honcho simply grown tired of the techno company, yearning again for the good old Newt Gingrich days? Not. More pleboid entertainment from the viral “new media” linked Arianna... as if “O” ever had left of center politics in mind to begin with... Further, if it were politics for the people that Arianna ever had in mind, she would surely ditch the whole load of them and opt for Nader, the only candidate who talks about the unsexy issues facing American voters like disappearing jobs and no access to healthcare. Thus spake Arianna, who says she is looking at the Obama campaign

“not through the prism of my own progressive views and beliefs but through the prism of a cold-eyed campaign strategist who has no principles except winning.”

Yeah, right. As if Arianna would ever proclaim outsourcing to be an unsexy issue or anything, because her brand of "progressives" do hubris and not humility. As James McMurtry sums sings, "let 'em eat jellybeans or let 'em eat cake."
Now we have Obama supporters questioning the “O” messiah, with his key “new media” mama publicly taking him to task along with this new PUMA movement -- all Democrats, imploding from within and exploding at each other. So what’s up with this? Would this be the time for all voters to say WTF and move to a smart third party candidate who disregards the bullshit both parties have been preaching for far too long?

With millions of Hillary votes hanging in the balance – like, 18 million of them ---where will they all end up in November? What worries most hangers-on in what’s left of the torn and tattered Democratic Party is that the votes will go to the Evil Doer, John McCain. Never mind a third party candidate who keeps the issues affecting the majority of Americans front and center like Nader or others as catalysts of change. The Hillary inspired PUMA manifesto is indeed stimulating but neither it nor its members mention the key issues facing white collar American families today without trust funds or access to dubious green tech and social networking start up stock options: jobs and healthcare.

So the question remains: who is behind the PUMA “people united mean action” push? Hillary is Queen of the Indian Lobby in this country’s mission to sell out our white collar jobs at home to the third world. Our citizens either don't care or are too stupid to notice. In this regard, PUMA’s resurrection of Hillary helps us how again? Until PUMA takes Hillary to the woodshed to abandon this white collar job outsourcing lobby and NAFTA in exchange for cheap foreign immigrants to work for plummeting wages, there is nothing to see here other than an accelerated, formal merger of the Republican and Democratic parties into the One Big Money Party.

How to stop this war on the middle class? As Citizen Carrie clearly summarized,

“they don’t have any use for educated middle-class Americans anymore.”

As long as the Democrats (Hillary and PUMA peeps AND “O” supporters) are down with outsourcing and continue to allow Congress and corporate America to sell out jobs and suck up to the insurance lobby, these pleboids and their media enablers have no right to make noise about the fallout. Remember:



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