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Friday, July 4

There's a moral here...somewhere.

A little story to a fool who commented on just how peachy keen things are going in Iraq, what with all the successes their bidnesses are having.

Once upon a time during a trek through Cambodia (where we have no U.S. Soldiers – Tricky Dicky) up to southern Laos, we came upon a small village that had 4 water buffalo. The people were very courteous to us and almost friendly. They couldn’t show their true feeling because some guy from Phnum Penh got really bent out of shape when locals treated us “foreigner” too kindly (because we weren’t really there!).
Anyway, after thanking them, we moved on to our Search and Rescue effort, which was successful.
On the way back, we happened to pass through the same village. We noticed that they had 9 water buffalo instead of the 4 we saw the month before. Asking why, we were told that a nearby village was bombed out of existence by American Planes and that the locals were killed. So they “commandeered” the livestock.
I guess that means our villagers were successful entrepreneurial bidness people. Ah, yes. Nothing like a profit, even at someone else’s expense.
And if we mourned the loss of a small village, so what? That the others managed to take advantage seems to be someone’s idea of being successful and doing well.

P.S. I'm beginning to think that Haloscan is being run by the same right wing dream team that is so successful in Iraq!

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