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Sunday, July 6

So, whattaya think of the new McDonald's commercial? (2008 Summer Olympic Sponsor)

My youngest just screamed to me from the TV room: "MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! - you're favorite song is in a commercial - LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN!"

A Minha Menina by Os Mutantes

I think I play this song practically every day. It's just one of those feel good songs that gets you in a good way and lets you move your body without inflicting too much pain and suffering. (I'm still recovering from a minor fracture to my big toe that I received when it got stepped on the last time I went out dancing. My fault for taking my shoes off on a very crowded dance floor!)

Anyway, I just looked it up and apparently McDonald's is a sponsor of the 2008 Summer Olympics and has put this "Victory" commercial together for the games. Not sure why they picked this song, but who cares!!! FINALLY we get to hear some REAL music for a change. It's only taken 40 YEARS! This song was a huge hit for Os Mutantes in 1968 Os Mutantes are a Brazilian psychedelic rock band that were popular during the Tropicália movement of the late 1960s.

You may recall I put this song up on the blog a while back. It was featured in a youtube video showing some guy named Mike dancing to it atop some scaffolding in downtown Hamilton, Ontario

And, courtesy of sleephousenotes here are the lyrics:

A Minha Menina (Jorge Ben)

Ela é minha menina - She's my girl
Eu sou o menino dela - And I'm her boy
Ela é o meu amor - She's my love
E eu sou o amor todinho dela - I'm all her love
A lua prateada se escondeu - The silvery moon has hidden
E o sol dourado apareceu - And The Golden Sun has appeared
Amanheceu um lindo dia - A beautiful day has come
Cheirando a alegria - Smelling happiness
Pois eu sonhei - 'Cause I dreamt
E acordei pensando nela - And woke up thinking of her

A roseira já deu rosas - The rose has blossomed
E a rosa que eu ganhei foi ela - And she is my blossom
Por ela eu ponho o meu coração - For her I put my heart
Na frente da razão - In front of reason
E vou dizer - And I'll tell everybody
Pra todo mundo - Everybody
Como eu gosto dela - How I love her
Pois ela é minha menina - 'Cause she's my girl
E eu sou o menino dela - And I'm her boy
Ela é o meu amor - She's my love
E eu sou o amor todinho dela - And I'm hers...

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