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Saturday, July 12

Saturday Morning....WHATEVER - just STOP YOUR WHINING and WATCH A FEW FATBOY Slim classics (I'm dusting the house this a.m.)

And playing these OVER AND OVER!!!

from my favorite music blog "Music for Kid's who can't read good"
and don't worry if the kids are in the room - it's a racey video - but it's acceptable.
Besides, EVERYBODY must listen to my favorite talking head DAVID BYRNE. The song is called "Toe Jam"

(scroll down under the youtube video and look for the Toe Jam Link)

Then hit the classic "Weapon of Choice" with my absolutely all time favorite actor in the whole wide world - CHRISTOPHER WALKEN -- dancing no less!!!!

Oh Fatboy....

Kevin (my other favorite music blog "Hello Vegetables") has another version of Toe Jam
at his site

So...... WHATEVER ya think ya gotta do just DO IT!

I'm think I'm gonna probably just sit here all day and watch videos!!

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