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Sunday, July 13

Rare Hibiscus

click pic for larger version

The above is an orange hibiscus that only exists on Kauai, Hi. My son was there to witness its bloom last week. He's staying in the National Tropical Botanical Gardens among other places on the island for an intensive 5 week anthropological field school that will cover, botany, zoology and geology. He will hopefully be able to get a job after this. I set up a blog for him to upload pictures. (click those pics for large versions) It would have been nice if he had labeled the pics. I only know about the hibiscus because I was IMing with him at the time he was uploading them and asking questions. (I'm supposed to upload pictures of our home garden and the cat for him to look at if he gets homesick. Unfortunately I ate the vegetables before I got a chance to shoot pics. Maybe I'll get a shot or 2 of hummingbirds at the feeder if I'm lucky.)

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