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Friday, July 4

Is this the Last American 4th of July Celebration?

Will this be the last American Fourth of July we celebrate, at least as has been intended for a couple hundred years?
We celebrate this day as a reminder of the start of our fight for independence. But that fight now has little real meaning…to most Americans.
Our founding fathers, after they won our independence, penned a piece of paper that would shape the direction of this country for ever…or so they thought. Funny, they never envisioned a group of traitors such as 59 million Americans would want in power in 200 hundred years. They neglected to specify that reinterpretation of that piece of paper should never happen. Because of that oversight, some attachments we’d become fond of over those 200 years have become null and void.

We watched as the Bush Administration and (His) Fascist Supreme Court diluted the First Amendment by eliminating public protest and providing a new, partisan press…and we did nothing.

We’re watching as the Third Amendment is bent to the breaking point by allowing the military to conduct “pretend war games” and “mock preparations” just in case of war in some American towns…and we did nothing.

We watched as the Fourth Amendment was shredded…and we did nothing. (Some irony in that number!)

We watched as the Fifth Amendment was ignored by our military to allow contracted soldiers to be repeatedly put in jeopardy “of life and limb” to satisfy the power lust of George W. Bush, yet he twisted it to allow convicted Libby to go free because we’re in a time of war…and we did nothing.

We watched and cheered as the Sixth Amendment protected us from those terrorists in Guantanamo, not realizing Bush would twist it to include Americans he thought MIGHT be terrorists…and we did nothing.

We watched the Seventh Amendment eliminated in the name of National Security, like the others, because judges and juries are no longer needed since only Bush can determine the guilt of a suspect…and we did nothing.

We watched the Eighth Amendment abused by the music and movie industry; inflicting unbelievable fines and jail time for persons violating “their” interests but allowing CEOs to rape the pensions of employees with only a slap on the wrist…and we did nothing.

We watched the erosion of the Ninth Amendment at the discretion of a fool named Scalia who noticed that the word “electronic” isn’t mentioned in the Constitution therefore those rights not enumerated are free to be interpreted by his own royalty and that of the Bush Administration for their own agenda…and we did nothing.

We watched the Tenth Amendment reinterpreted by that same fascist court for the benefit of a corrupt administration…and we did nothing.
And we watched as the Second Amendment was defended by the same fascist court and a fascist organization to possibly allow guns to be carried by citizens into airports…we’re riding back into Dodge, and we did nothing.

We watched as a psychotic president took away our freedoms to protect us…and we do nothing.
We watched as businesses rewrote and created laws to give them powers that we have no control over…and we do nothing.
We watched as these businesses and government departments, with the help of our representatives, eliminated laws that would regulate and hold them responsible for their own corruption…and we did nothing.
We watched as representatives we elected, re-elected and will re-elect to do the will of the people become slaves to these businesses rather than the people they swore to represent…and we do nothing.
And we’re watching the government and business invade, inspect and control our privacy and personal lives for its own gain…and we will. Never. Do. Anything!

Yet we gather on this day to have picnics, pretend to celebrate these freedoms, salute our veterans who gave and would give their lives to defend that which George W. Bush has so intentionally and maliciously usurped from us while we allow him to continue to do so (just as long as it doesn’t affect “me”), and we ignore the all too visible threat of the most corrupt group ever in charge of one country.

July Fourth, baseball and picnic food used to be something to look forward to on this (un)holi-day; potato(e) salad, hamburgers, chips, corn on the cob…
Wonder how mom’s apple pie tastes today?

Enjoy that hot dog, then take the family to watch the fireworks. You may not be able to next year.

Happy Dependence Day, July 4, 2008!

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